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Ralph Dickerman is a native Houstonian, who has been painting since 1946. His many commissions have included prominent Texans, physicians, attorneys, and business men such as:

As a conservationist, Mr. Dickerman has restored paintings ranging in value from sentimental family paintings, to heirlooms and million dollar estate pieces. He was commissioned to clean and restore the large (12' x 52') America by Rufino Tamayo, hanging in The Bank of the Southwest. This painting was later auctioned by Southeby's for more than $2,000,000.00

Mr. Dickerman's interest in restoration began while still a "student" with his father, Ralph Weldon Dickerman, Sr. (1898-1955). The conservation techniques he uses, wax infusion, were developed in Europe early in this century and have been accepted worldwide as the safest and most effective technique for oil painting previously exposed to excess moisture and/or heat.

Mr. Dickerman's years of discriminating rendition of his portrait commissions has enabled him to restore treasures once considered lost completely. He specializes in severely damaged portraits (see "Wine Maiden").

Mr. Dickerman has full respect for the original artist's paint film and will preserve and avoid "over painting" as much as is possible.

He is a widower with three sons: Christopher Neil Dickerman, Leslie Valentine Haan, and Glenn Allen Haan; two daughters: Stephanie Isaac and Lockie Goode; one grandson: Guy Roberts; one grandaughter: Tina Gutierrrez; one great-grandson: Jacob Gutierrez; and one great-grandaughter: Isabella Roberts.

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